Glenlivet 15 yr old French oak reserve 40% abv

Well it’s finally been slayed, the 15 yr old French oak reserve was laid to rest this weekend.
I’ve had the bottle for a while now being one of the first bottles I picked up, after I decided to expand my horizons and start my journey in the wonderful world of whisky.
It was easily accessible to me, being in stock and in all fairness normally discounted at one of the four big supermarkets. Making it a very affordable way of getting hold of a 15 yr old single malt.


So now I’ve finished the bottle and enjoyed it’s contents, I thought it would be a good time to review the malt after all I’ve tasted the full bottle now.

Nose: The first thing to hit me is a butter toffee note, then comes the fruit some pears and red apples, sponge cake with a sweet biscuit hint, over time some orange peel comes through.

Palate: The toffee/caramel hits first, some oak spice, Sweet pear drops and baked apples, the biscuit note carries through from the nose, towards the end I get a bit of hay/straw and the orange peel.

Finish: The finish is not to long with a mellow spice hanging around the mouth, a bit of oak comes through in the middle with some hazelnuts at the end.

Well I’m not sure what to say about this malt, I think it’s a good sold single malt. It has many characteristics that make it worth trying, for me it just doesn’t sing.
It’s a nice malt and I wouldn’t be adverse to drinking this with friends while chatting, some people will love it and I would always want people to try it. For me though it’s good but just not quite there to say it’s a must have.


I think personal I prefer the 12 yr old Glenlivet out of the Glenlivet’s I have and would choose it before the French oak reserve (when you can get hold of it)


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