Tullibardine 228 Burgundy Finish 43% abv

So after my review of the Tullibardine Sovereign and being inspired to try more of the range. I made the decision to purchase another expression, knowing that I could get the 225 Sauternes finish from my local supermarket.
So when I called at my local specialist spirit shop at the weekend to pick up my next purchase, I was pleased to see they had the full range in. With a quick browse and a pleading look at the wife, I managed to pick up the last bottle of 228 on the shelf.
So this weekend I’ve been introducing myself to the 228 while the rest of the family has been busy working (sometimes it’s a hard life I have).image

So here are my notes for the Burgundy finish.

Nose: The first note to hit me was creamy toffee, then comes the sweet pear drop with a soft chocolate hint, I also get some red fruit (cranberries, red currents etc.)

Taste: First I get the bitter sweet red fruit some plum and cranberries, then comes the soft vanilla toffee, I still get that sweet floral note that is present in the Sovereign with the hint of chocolate. The spice is present just masked a little by the dry fruitiness.

Finish: The finish is a little longer than the Sovereign, it has a dry sweet spice that stays with you, fruity and mouth watering with a touch of oak at the end.

Now I was impressed with the Sovereign and fellow blogger Sorren (OCDWHISKY), told me the range just got better. I was hoping for this to be as good, I did not expect it to step up the quality like it has. A more complex and rounded malt it has a familiarity to it that just let’s you slip straight into enjoying the drink, making you comfortable and relaxed with the whole experience. Like the last couple of tastings I’ve done it left me wanting more, to just pour another wee dram to confirm my notes. The 228 Burgundy Finish is very morish and the like the Sovereign, the standard of quality is excellent. In my opinion the quality of whisky that is being produced at Tullibardine should make it a must have for any whisky lover.
I now want to try the last two remaining expressions in the core range to compare them all side by side, with a bit of luck I’ll be able to pick them up soon (wife willing).


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