Around the world: the route wk8

So since last week I’ve had a bit of good luck, I’ve come across a auction site that has a good dozen bottles of malt from Chichibu on it. So with a bit of patience and luck on my behalf I could have that bottle I want, with out incurring the wrath of the better half.
Anyway back on with my journey, I finished last week at Chichibu and from here it would be on to Fuji Gotemba. This looks at the moment as the only big Japanese distillery that is  pushing to increase its production and market share. My main interest with this distillery is the use of grain, at a recent trade show they had a 25 year old single grain to sample. I then would go to Yoichi, I suppose like Bill Lark and the Lark distillery in Tasmania Masataka Taketsuru and Yoichi are credited with being the farther of Japanese whisky. So you couldn’t visit Japan and not the spiritual birth place of the Japanese whisky. Like most loved single malts they are hard to come by and they replaced there complete range last year with single choice which was a NAS whisky (not sure I like that move).
From Japan it’s on to India and the John Distilleries Jdl the makers of Paul John whisky. Now they have three expressions in the core range, being Brilliance an unpeated one and Edited a lightly peated malt. The third one is a fully peated expression called Bold, bottled at 46% this is the one I’d like to try as someone who loves peated malts. Next it’s to Amrut distilleries Ltd, here I would love to try the 8 or 10 year old.


For a distillery to mature it’s malt for this length of time, when the angles share (evaporation) can reach as much as 10% a year is something special. Especially when you consider that that rate is around 1.5% in Scotland,  so the expression called Greedy Angels is the one I’d most want to try in India.
The last distillery I would visit this week is a across the boarder in Pakistan the Murree Brewery Ltd.
Starting as the name suggests as a brewery suppling the British army founded in 1860, it now produces a core range that has two expressions.


One being a 8 year old single malt the second is a 12 year old. They still make over two million litres of beer as well as the single malts.
So that’s this week finished and next we head to the next continent and Africa.


2 Replies to “Around the world: the route wk8”

  1. I read the blog the other day, it made me want to find some other Whiskies that we don’t hear about. So many brands that sell millions of bottles a year and we very rarely know about them..


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