Tomatin Legacy 43% abv

I’ve had this bottle a couple of months now and thought it was about time for me to review it. Now I have got a soft spot for Tomatin and generally like most expressions they release. I hadn’t tried Legacy their NAS expression because I normally purchase the 12yo, but this was recommended to me by a friend as a must try.
Now I’ve had a bit of mixed fortune when it comes to NAS, I don’t have a problem with them but have paid a fair bit of money for some only to be very disappointed. To me as long as it’s a quality product then the age doesn’t matter.
Ok I didn’t worry about this not being upto standard but I will admit I wasn’t totally sure if it would be as good as I’d been told.


Now I would normally say something about the way the bottle and label look, how I felt about the design. This time I will have to say I quite like the look but compared to new look that is being released in March, it just doesn’t look as elegant as the new style bottles will look. So any way on with the tasting.

Nose: The first thing to hit me was the sweet smell of pineapple in syrup, then I get the aroma of fresh baked vanilla sponge cake, this is followed with a hint of chocolate and after a little bit of time a delicate floral hint (maybe honeyed).

Palate: The sponge cake is carried through from the nose, the fruit comes in the form of coconut and some fresh green apples towards the end, I also got a very subtle hint of smoke along with a delicate spice.

Finish: The spice stays around for a bit with an oak note as well. The whole finish is very refreshing.

Ok any doubts I had about this not being upto standard were quickly dismissed, Tomatin have maintained their usual high standards. This is a lovely delicately refreshing whisky to drink, it has most definitely earned it’s permanent place on my shelf. The only thing I can question is why it took me so long to try it, like I said earlier quality is what counts for me.
This is a entry level NAS whisky that matches the quality of aged whiskies that cost a lot more. So if you haven’t tried a NAS because you feel age is were the quality is, I ask you to try this and challenge that view. I feel you won’t be disappointed with the experience.


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