Around the world: the route wk7

This week we’re back into the unknown a little bit and some island hopping as well.
It’s only the first distillery for this week I’ve not heard of, the first stop is in the Philippines. Destilería Limtuaco & co established in1852 and the home of White Castle 5 year old whisky. I love the advertising blurb that goes with it,    ” The Philippines most revered whisky and one of the anchor products of Destileria Limtuaco. Blended and aged to perfection in oak barrels, it has a smooth, full-bodied taste plus its proof, aroma and golden color… guarantees no hangover. This before you even get to the rest of the advertising (a woman in a bikini and a white horse) it probably could do with a little updating. It’s then on to Taiwan, now most would visit the home of Kavalan but I would go to the longer established Naunton distillery. Although it’s only been producing whisky since 2008. I fancy this one above Yuan Shan distillery (the makers of Kavalan) because it’s been state run making spirits and tobacco products for over 30 years, I just wanted to see how different a state run business would be to a private concern.


From Taiwan it’s on to Japan and the first of four distilleries to visit. The first would be the White Oak distillery,  I know it’s not a big player in the market taking 80 years to produce a 8yr old malt. That’s why I’d be interested in visiting this one and sampling last year’s release, a 5yr old single cask bottling.
It would then be onto Chichibu distillery and with fingers crossed maybe able to get hold of a bottle, I know they are hoping to release a 10yr old around 2020 but the chance to get hold of any bottle from this distillery would be worth the trip.


This is were I’ll leave the journey this week, wishing I could find a bottle of The Peated from Chichibu at a price the wife wouldn’t kill me for buying it.
So far it’s been 31 distilleries in 15 countries from England to Japan via the US etc. I’ve still got 49 distilleries to go over 26 countries heading back through Asia to Africa and Europe.


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