The One vs The One sherry cask

As some of you will know I’m a big fan of the Lakes distillery Cumbria,  I’m a member of the founder’s club and love there blend The One.
So last week at the founder’s day I purchased the limited edition sherry finish of The One, I thought it would be great to be able to see how a different maturation process affects the spirit, to do a side by side comparison.


So this weekend I spent a bit more time with both versions, in the name of research of course.
I must say I was suprised at how big an influence the sherry cask has had on the blend, I was expecting something that was different from the original One blend. Maybe a bit more fruit coming through and a more complex nose, but the difference is like chalk and cheese. Yes you can still tell it’s The One but the nose and taste is just so much more. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had many whiskies matured only in sherry casks, or maybe it’s because some of the malts used where matured in sherry and the extra maturation has given it a bit of a boost so to speak. I don’t know but the sherry influence is huge and in a great way.
So here are my notes on the two versions, with the original version first.

The One

Nose: The first hit is of oranges followed by a faint honey note. This gets more pronounced as the dram has time to air. There is a subtle minty note that has a earthy undertone to it.

Palate: you get a sweet honey and vanilla hit with a soft spice and apple. Behind this is oak note and soft smoke undertone.

Finish: medium and juicy with a soft oak spice that is smooth.

This is a very light and fruity whisky, well balanced between the sweetness and spice. Very morish and enjoyable, a dram for any occasion.

The One sherry cask

Nose: You get the sherry hit straight away, some dried peel and cranberries with a sweet butterscotch. I also got allspice, as with the original One the nose gets more pronounced as the dram airs (mainly the sherry note for me)

Palate: straight away I got orange peel with honey, then the allspice with a sweet red apple note. The sherry note is present throughout and is a little dry but very pleasant. You can still find the oak and smoke note but it is very faint.

Finish: this stays around a little longer than the original, with a more full bodied mouth feel to it.

This is a richer more fruity dram that has a subtle dryness to it, the appearance is a richer deeper amber to the originals gold colour.


All the charm of The One original is there, with the fruit and spice so much more enhanced but the dryness from the sherry keeps it in check. Making this a more enjoyable dram and a pleasure to drink.
This experience with the sherry cask has left me wanting to try more whiskies, whose maturation has been predominantly sherry cask based. Maybe some Glenfarclas or if anyone can recommend some please do.

12 Replies to “The One vs The One sherry cask”

  1. Hi Craig Dalmore are doing some interesting sherry finishes which I tried in the summer on a trip to Scotland. Bruichladdie 10 year old Olorosso finish might be worth a try, then there is always the grand father of sherry finishes the Macallan!! I’ve been pleasantly surprised too how different the two ‘Ones’ are. The founders day was great wasn’t it? Here’s to a spirited 2016👌🏼.

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    1. Thanks for the recommendations, ive tried a couple of the Macallan and Dalmore. The Bruichladdie will go on my must try list.
      I was surprised at how different the two expressions were, both are great drinks but I must say I think the sherry cask is my favorite.


    1. Thank you and that sounds great, I have purchased a Glenfarclas 10yo and I must say I’m really impressed. I’ll look forward to trying the 15 and the Aberlour. I’m looking at picking something else to try just not decided yet, I’ve had some good recommendations so I’ll have to be patient to try them all.


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