What is your collection about?

Sorry if this seems a bit of a daft question, it’s more about what do you think is worth collecting. I know all of us that collect whisky will have numerous bottles in our collections, some will collect from just one distillery or only limited editions. Others will collect whiskies that are peated or mainly matured in one type of cask (sherry for example ),or from lost/closed distilleries only. It’s not this part I’m talking about, it’s the other bits of whisky memorabilia that I’m interested in.

My collection of bottles on display

In our collections we will have our bottles of choice and with out much doubt,  we will all have managed to aquire a collection of glassware. From branded glasses to water jugs and decanters.
So what do you have belive is worth adding to your collection, or do you believe that it should only be about the bottles of whisky.
I’ve not been collecting whisky for very long just over a year now, in my collection there is the usual array of bottles and glassware. It also has a assortment of books and my collection of whisky magazine, then I’ve joined a few distilleries social communities which has led to another assortment of paraphernalia from the distilleries. These come in various forms from pins to certificates and committee handbooks containing the rules of the distillery (Ardbeg), to limited prints (Benromach) and advertising leaflets.

Assorted paraphernalia

Now I’m picking up a few limited editions and the wife has suggested that I should pick any advertising literature for them as well, I can see how this could be a good thing to do showing how they were originally advertised when first released. Giving you a snap shot of how things were at that moment in time.
So back to my original question what is in your collection and also what is going to far in adding to your collection. Do you have some more unique items that you’ve come across on your journey, have you managed to get hold of a cask end from a closed distillery or had some custom items made from casks etc.? Please let me know I would love to see how people’s collections have grown.


2 Replies to “What is your collection about?”

  1. Hi Craig..
    My collection is full of all sorts.. As you may know I love Auchentoshan so I made sure I got a few things connected to that distillery.. Here are a few things.. Wine cask from the chateau they use for the wine finishes..a cask end from a bourbon cask.. Staves from bourbon cask and sherry cask, bar runner ( mat) apron, cap, lots of information sheets, glasses, jugs, and a lot of bags that carried all the whisky out of the distillery..

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