Around the world: the route wk5

So this week we head further south, heading across the boarder from brazil to Uruguay.
This would be a trip into the unknown, I know that they make a blended whisky using a speyside malt and a locally made grain whisky. It is called Dunbar anejo and gets a reasonable reviews, I just can’t find anything out about the distillery but I’m confident that once your there it would be easy
It’s then on to Argentina to be more specific, the Patagonian Andes to the south of Argentina and the La Alazana Distillery, Golondrinas, Patagonia. Founded in 2011 this is the first distillery to concentrate solely on malt whisky. This is a little distillery based in a farm and from the pictures on the website set in some stunning scenery.


From here we cross the south Pacific ocean to New Zealand, first stopping at the north island to visit the Thomson whisky distillery based in Auckland. They started as a independent bottler sourcing the whisky from the closed Willowbank distillery, then in 2014 they opened a small distillery of there own. They are in the progress of maturing a Manuka smoked whisky, making this a New Zealand equivalent to the Scottish peated whisky.


From here we carry on south to the south Island of New Zealand and the New Zealand malt whisky co. based in Oamaru. They have been running small trial runs of whisky at Kenny Beverages in Christchurch with plans to build a new distillery. They are still bottling a extensive range of expressions made from the old stock off the closed distillery at Dunedin.
That’s were I stop this week with the next part being a little more informed with the help of fellow bloggers Whisky Waffle as I head to Australia.


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