Wild Turkey 101 50.5 abv

This was not so much a impulse purchase, more a offer that was to good to turn down. When I purchased this I also received a tumbler and cocktail shaker, all branded with the Wild Turkey logo.
I was looking for another American whisky to sample and expand my knowledge with. So went looking at my local whisky shop and was thinking about purchasing the 81, when the assistant told me about the offer on the 101.
So with the decision made for me I left with the 101 and went home to sample.


The design of the bottle is very traditional with a nice clean uncluttered label.

Nose: You get a little bit of the alcohol burn first, once past that you get a sweet honey note, then comes a citrus zest with some cloves coming through. I also had a very subtle banana note.

Taste: First comes the warm sweet spice, when you get past that you get that citrus zest with a honey undertone. I also got some oak and a very subtle floral note. This is complex and multi layered.

Finish: The spice is with you until the end, I also had a bit of a wood aftertaste. All very pleasant.

This is a great drink and when I first tried this all I could get was the spice and not much else. It took me a while to get past that but when you do it has so many layers, this is something I’m finding with the more experience I’m getting.
The spice might put some people off just like peat does in malts, I’m finding though that my tastes are changing and I’m enjoying the big spice hit I’ve been getting.
I’m now adding some more Wild Turkey expressions to my wish list and will look forward to trying them.


2 Replies to “Wild Turkey 101 50.5 abv”

  1. Admittedly I haven’t tried the 101. I’ve tried the regular release and thought it tasted like… well…. bourbon. Maybe if you built up a collection you can recommend which ones to try and which ones to skip. Consider yourself my Turkey Taster!
    Keep on waffling,

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