Stagg jr 66.05% abv

This is a bottle I’ve been looking forward to purchasing and sampling for a while. When I first started to look at broadening my experiences with whisky, one of the first countries I looked at was the USA. I’d tried JD and Jim Beam but never looked at anything else. So when I did decided to try something different after a bit of research, I picked Buffalo Trace bourbon. I really enjoyed this and straight away started to look at what other expressions they did. That’s when I found out about the different brands located at the distillery, Stagg jr caught my eye due to the pureness of the final product. Being barrel proof and non chill filtered, it was also one of the longer aged bourbons at around a decade.
So after reading and watching a couple of reviews it went straight onto my must purchase list along with a few others.
So here we are I’ve picked one up and now I get to sample it, this is a US bottle being 750ml.


The information on the bottle is nice and detailed with some background info on G. Stagg and the distillery he set up, it’s also fairly solid and lets you see that natural non coloured spirit held within.

Nose: The first thing to hit you is the strength of alcohol, once you get past this I got morello cherries, dark sugar and soft leather, there is a underlying menthol hint. After a while a sweet chocolate starts to come through. This is a drink that benefits from being left to air for a bit.

Taste: That’s a big spice hit, then comes the stone fruit (cherries, plums etc.) with leather note as well. Some dark sugar notes and oak very complex.

Finish: The finish is long with a warm spice, a little dry and sweet which just makes your mouth wonder what’s just happened in a very enjoyable way.

As you can probably tell I love this drink, it’s so complex and multi layered and at the same time hits you like a sledgehammer. If you like your drinks bold then this has to be a must buy. I feel I would choose this over the Aberlour a’bunadh which is the only scotch malt I’ve tried of a similar nature. Please try this, you won’t be disappointed with the experience.


3 Replies to “Stagg jr 66.05% abv”

    1. Thanks, to date this has been the best bourbon I’ve had. I’m thinking of going to the bourbon brothers event in Liverpool at the end of March. With over 80 different bourbons to try it sounds interesting…


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