Around the world: the route wk3

This week I cross the boarder from my last stop in Canada to enter the US.
This is another one of the country’s I intend to sort out a long holiday so I can visit some of the distilleries and festivals that happen there.
Due to the number of distilleries I’d like to visit I’ve had to be rather strict with myself, I’ve also allowed myself a little bit more time and given two weeks to this part of the trip. I’ll spilt it in to two just because of the number I’ve allowed for this part seven in total, going from New York state down through America finishing in Texas.

The first stop would be Tuthilltown spirits, Gardiner, New York, then onto Cedar Ridge distillery, Swisher,Iowa. I’d then head to kentucky to visit some of the biggest distilleries in the world, starting with the Buffalo Trace distillery the home of some off my favourite bourbons such as Stagg, Eagle rare and Buffalo Trace it’s self.


Then on to Wild Turkey distillery were I’d get to see the production of another favourite. The 101 Wild Turkey has a spice that just seems to go on forever.


This is were I’ll finish for this week picking up with some more Kentucky distilleries next week before heading south.



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