Canadian Club 40% abv

I feel a little frustrated but I suppose I shouldn’t be suprised, with the news about a Crown Royal expression being named whisky of the year. I’ve been to all my local retailers and none have got any Canadian whisky that I can afford in stock. I even tried some online only retailers with the same result. I feel this is a good thing, especially for Canadian distilleries giving them a good boost. It’s just a little frustrating that I didn’t think about this, when I planned how I would present my posts about the world trip.
Anyway I could only get hold off a bottle of Canadian Club blended whisky from my local supermarket, I’ve ordered some other expressions from different distilleries but will have to wait to sample them.

So on with the only whisky I managed to purchase, the bottle is a nice clean simple design. I like the use of the brown glass for the bottle, it keeps you guessing about the liquid inside.


Nose: I get a subtle aniseed hit with a fairly firm barley note, I also get a sherried fruit note that stays throughout.

Taste: Sweet sherry is prominent with the faint aniseed, the barley is quite subtle and understated. I also get a little spice that compliments the sweet note.

Finish: The finish has a little spice with the sherry fruit note staying around, very

understated and nice and long.

This was quire a suprise for me, it’s a cheap priced blend in the UK and I wasn’t expecting very much from it.
It might not blow you away but I would be very glad to have a bottle of this available, I could drink this on a regular basis as the whisky I turn to just for that simple dram.
With this in mind it has made me look forward to the other Canadian whiskies I have on order, I feel that the whisky is friendly and more complex than you expect it to be. It leaves you feeling satisfied and looking forward to your next encounter.

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