Around the world: the route wk2

This is the next installment of my dream trip around the world visiting 80 distilleries on the way. Last week I finished in Northern Ireland at the Bushmills distillery, so from there it would be a journey across the ocean to a country I so dearly want to visit Canada. I know that I have some family the emigrated to Canada back in the late 1890s and the early 1920s, this is just one reason I’d love to go. Over the years visiting family in Scotland I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many tourists from all over the world, the ones that always stayed with me were the ones from the US and Canada. We’d talk for what seemed like ages about everything and it was always great company.
Now I don’t know much about Canadian distilleries so the ones I’ve chosen are from my research, reading articles in magazines and books to posts online. All have at least one or two expressions I’d like to try, there is some that I’d love to visit but haven’t put on the list due to constraints about the number of distilleries I could visit through the trip.


I’d start by visiting the Glenora distillery in Nova Scotia, then on to Crown Royal at Gimli Manitoba. I’d then head to Canadian Club distillery and across to Forty Creek both in Ontario province. Like I said earlier there is most definitely more distilleries I’d love to visit in Canada, maybe one day I’ll get the opportunity to do this and spend some time in pleasant company talking about something I’m passionate about.
I’ll be heading into the US next week with the next set of distilleries I’d like to visit.


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