Teeling small batch 46% abv.

This was a impulse purchase while I was browsing, it was available for sampling and it would have been rude to say no.
I was looking at picking up a whisky from India at the time to further my experiences but had not tried many from Ireland. So after sampling this and the Teeling grain, I decided on the small batch. I think it was the extra maturation in rum casks that swung it for me, it just seemed so unique to me, I’d seen it done with port and sherry casks just never with rum. This combined with the information that they were a new start up ( well kinda a new start up) just won me over and changed my mind on what I was intending to purchase.


So for the experience of the tasting, I love the design of the bottle it reminds me about the whisky bottles from the 1950’s .

Nose: The first thing to hit you is the rum and a creamy fudge note, this is followed by a liquorice root note and a earthy undertone, with this I got a fruity raisin and orange peel note as well.

Taste: You get the rum influence straight away, it’s not over powering rather it helps balance the sweet and spice, I get a nice oak spice hit that gives you that warm glow this is mellowed with the raisin and orange peel fruit note coming through, under all of this is a sweet dark sugar note making the drink a little on the morish side.

Finish: The finish is long and warm with a nice spice, it also has a pleasant fruity orange aftertaste something like the fruit from a christmas pud.

I’ve said this before but this journey I started to expand my knowledge, has really opened my eyes to some really amazing drams. This whiskey from Teeling has proved to me that it doesn’t have to be a single malt or scotch to be an amazing drink.
I’ve made some plans to visit them next year in Dublin, I will be looking at purchasing some other expressions from the as you can see from my wish list. Please if you enjoy a good dram then try this you won’t be sorry.


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