The English whisky Co. M&S bottle 43% abv.

If you had asked me a couple of years ago to try a English whisky, I would have politely declined and gone for a scotch malt. I will say at that time I was very pompous and uneducated when it came to whisky, even if I had been drinking it all my life.
Thank goodness I’ve grown up and and now look for the chance to experience something new. So this has led me to trying many different whiskies from around the world and now I can say I’ve tried a English one to.
This is a bottling from the St George’s distillery done for retailer M&S, I happened upon this by pure chance and thought it was a great opportunity to try it.
The English whisky company started back in 2006 and quickly became known for a good quality malt. They are a reasonable sized distillery that has a capacity of around 104,000 litres a year, there core range is set out in chapters and comes in peated and unpeated. They launched the black range in 2013 which was aimed at retailers and export ( I belive this is what my bottle is from ). They mainly mature there whisky in first fill bourbon barrels but have used sherry, port and madeira casks as well.

So for the tasting notes.


Nose: my first hit is a sweet note reminding me of pear drops from the shop as a child, then comes a soft peat note with a honey undertone and a crisp barley hit at the end.

Taste: I get aniseed with a oak spice kick, this gives way to a soft fruit pear note and a subtle smoke hit. Very morish and mouth coating.

Finish: I’m left with a soft woody aftertaste that last for a reasonable amount of time.

This has been a great surprise and joy to try, it’s such a subtle whisky that leaves you wanting to try more. I would definitely recommend this to any whisky drinker and will be looking at purchasing some other expressions.
I think that it could even make it into my top ten malts, it’s definitely a contender and I’ve always been a Scottish single malt person.


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