Around the world: the route wk1

After what has been a frustrating but eye opening couple of weeks research, I’ve finally got a route planned out for what would be my ideal trip.
The route would take me to 41 different countries around the world, starting in England and heading west. I’ve decided to split the route into weekly sections, so I can try and present tasting notes and information for the distilleries.
The list of distilleries I’ve made covers all sizes and types of whisky, from micro distilleries to huge industry leaders, from single malts to corn/rye whiskies and blends of various types. It takes in countries that are known throughout the world for fine whiskies to ones I would never have thought of. Some have been very hard to find anything about and only seem to be known locally, of course the multinational ones are easy to find information about.
So for the first weeks posts I’ll look at starting in England at the St George’s distillery, then on to Wales and Penderyn, across to southern Ireland for the Teeling distillery, the Middleton distillery and the Cooley distillery and finally across the boarder to Northern Ireland and the Bushmills distillery.


I will over this next week post some more information on these distilleries mentioned above with any tasting notes I can do and there core expression. I know that for some areas I will not have much information about the distilleries but I will post everything I can find out, I would also be most thankful for any information that I receive from anyone who lives local or has visited the distilleries in question.


2 Replies to “Around the world: the route wk1”

  1. Finished a bottle of Penderyn Red Flag , very nice.
    Teeling distillery supercool. Well worth a visit. Whiskeys superb.
    Cooley distillery isn’t open to the public but set in stunning scenery. They make most of the Teeling spirits which Teeling finish in their own style.
    Martin’s Pub is nearby and does a lovely selection of Cooley brands.

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