Around the world pt2

Well my spare time over the last few days, has been spent looking into distilleries around the world. It looks like I won’t be able to find 80 different countries with whisky distilleries, what I have found has been an eye opener and made me want to plan a dream route. One that would offer any whisky lover a experience of so many different cultures, all with the same passion and dedication to whisky that we show.
I intend to plan a route and break it down into sections, I think each section will have somewhere between 5-8 distilleries with as much information as I can find for each one. I’ll also try and do some tasting notes for any expressions I have for the distilleries mentioned.


All I need to do now is decided if I would travel the traditional way  (travelling east around the globe)or should I travel west around the world, for me going west around the world just seems more adventurous.
I’ll be starting with an English distillery and I will finish with a different English one.


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