Singleton of Dufftown 15 year old 40% abv

I was bought a 12 year old Singleton as a gift by my wife last year, it was a impulse purchase based on my comments about the bottle. How it reminded me of old medicine bottles.
So after trying the 12 yr old and enjoying it, I decided to purchase a couple of other expressions from the Singleton range. It took me a bit of time to find a retailer that stocked more than just the 12 yr old and the NAS expressions, in the end I ended purchasing from an online retailer but that’s a topic for another post.


So on with my experience with the Singleton of Dufftown 15 yr old, as I said above the bottles remind me of early medicine bottles, they have a nice solid feel and weight to them.

Nose: The first note I get is a rich toffee smell, then comes the fruit more like a Xmas cake fruit, underneath all this is a crisp malty note with a fresh dug earth hint that softens over time.

Taste: I get liquorice root with a subtle oak spice, then comes the sweet baked fruit (I can’t quite make my mind up if it’s a very sweet apple or pear, both are hinted at), I also got a rich creamy biscuit, something like a crumble topping with brown sugar mixed in. A smooth and enjoyable dram.

Finish : The finish is long with a mild spice, green apples and oak are present but in a smooth subtle way.

Another single malt that I’m glad to have experienced, it’s not to complex but has enough to keep you coming back for more. It has a really nice balance of flavours and smells and is very smooth. One I would recommend to anyone from beginners to the more experienced drinker.


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