Around the world

While I was sat in the local coffee shop the other day, talking with my wife about life in general and were it was taking us. We started to talk about some of the things we’d like to do now our kids are adults, this expanded into a discussion on those money no object what would we do. Of course the trip around the world came up, with the usual talk on what to see and in what order.
This is when I boasted I’d plan our trip based on visiting whisky distilleries around the world, a kind of around the world in 80 distilleries. I was feeling rather pleased with myself for the direction the conversation was taking, that is until my wife asked could it be done. Can you find 80 distilleries in 80 different countries around the world, my only answer was I think so.
So now I’ve set myself the challenge of planing this once in a lifetime trip around the world, maybe one day I might even get to start it but now it’s time to start researching if it can be done.


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