Your doing it wrong

I’ve been drinking whisky since I was old enough to ask and probably before that from what I’ve been told. So you can imagine my suprise when I started to look into learning more about my favourite drink, only to be told I was doing it wrong. How can you have a dram and drink it in the wrong way? This was the question my father asked me when I told him we’d  been doing it wrong.
I feel I now should explain that last point, after I decided to become more informed about whisky, I started to search the Internet for more information. This is were I found a vast array of videos and blogs, all giving advice on how to drink or should I say nose and taste your dram. Now I had been having my dram in a nice whisky tumbler as I assume is the way most people start drinking whisky.
This is were I was doing it wrong, I needed to be using a nosing glass. Something like a whisky snifter or a Glencairn whisky glass, something that is tulip shaped to help catch those elusive smells.


At first I thought that this wouldn’t make that much difference to the experience I was having, how wrong was I the difference in using one of these glasses to nose was huge. The smells that I found after using a nosing glass were so much more defined, so subtle and yet so intense.
Now through my quest to be more informed and have a better more enjoyable experience, I’ve watched many videos on how to nose and taste, including watching the tasting videos done by the distilleries them selves and fellow bloggers. Some I found to be very useful and a great informative help but some were a joy to watch, like watching a great showman performing their act.
One of these was watching the legend that is Richard Paterson with his how to taste whisky video. This I found to be very entertaining from a true showman but most of all very informative, another favourite video to watch is Gerry Tosh of Highland Park with his how to taste 101. It’s more down to earth than Richard’s but still a great learning experience. 
I’ve watched many more videos and read a lot of articles in magazines or online, all have been of some use in gaining a bit more information on how to nose/taste correctly.
With a better understanding of how to do this, I’ve now started to experiment with the were and when to get the best results for me. If it means I get to try a dram of the good stuff in the name of science, surly it can’t be wrong that’s what I tell the wife anyway.
How ever you drink you dram as long as it’s enjoyed, then it’s not been done wrong in my opinion.


4 Replies to “Your doing it wrong”

  1. The friends can be a little cautious on which dram they try, the family on the other hand are always up for trying something new.
    Either way it always leads to an entertaining night with a lot discussions on what’s been sampled.


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