Aberfeldy 12 year old 40% abv

This post has been written and deleted at least 3 times over this past few days. It started as my tasting notes on the Aberfeldy 12, then I read my fellow blogger Ben’s latest post and it got me thinking.
When we nose and taste our drink of choice, how does the place and time of day effect what we discover about the drink? Can these things have an influence on the nuances we get from our drink?
So I tried a little experiment of my own to see what happened and if anything was different. I tasted the Aberfeldy 12 as I would normally (using a Glencairn whisky glass) with friends and family around, I then did it on my own in a darkened room with no distractions around. I was suprised at how different this simple change made my experience. I personally found that in the darkened room I could pick out more subtle smells and flavours. I believe this was down to the lack of distractions so I could give the drink my undivided attention.


It may seem a bit superficial, but I’ve always loved the way Aberfeldy designed their bottles. The new label design is as good as the old one in my eyes, so on with the tasting.

Nose: First hit is a sweet honey that turns into a soft honeycomb after a little bit of time, then comes a pepper note that’s not to strong. After letting it sit for a while I started to get a cereal note with a faint herbal mint note underneath. I’m not 100% certain if I had a very faint hint of smoke or if that was outside influences (being around bonfire night)

Taste: Sweet like vanilla fudge maybe with that honeycomb coming through faintly, I also got the pepper note and some oak I believe. With what I can only describe as a fruit and nut mix coming in towards the end.

Finish: Mouth coating long and spicy with the oak and pepper being at the front, a nutty aftertaste is there to draw it to a close.

Over all the Aberfeldy 12 year old delivered a great tasting dram, this is one bottle I would be quite happy to have on offer when friends and family come around for a drink. I’ve been trying a lot of whiskies from around the world of late and this just shows me that a good malt from Scotland is hard to beat.


2 Replies to “Aberfeldy 12 year old 40% abv”

  1. Craig.. I always do my reviews on my own, same time if possible and away from distractions, like you say it is amazing how different things can taste with just the smallest distraction. Aberfeldy do seem to have this knack of good solid malts.. A great read 👍


  2. Thanks Sorrento. .
    It’s nice at times to have friends to discuss the dram, but I think when you can give it your undivided attention. You can just get that bit more out of the experience. .


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