Ben Nevis 10 year old 46% abv

I’ve driven past the Ben Nevis distillery on many occasions while I’ve stayed in and around Fort William. I have been tempted to buy a bottle on a few occasions and even attempted to visit the distillery (only to arrive to late for the last tour).
So while I was paying for my some off my latest purchases, I noticed a large selection of minatures behind the counter. After a quick scan my eyes settled on a Ben Nevis 10 year old minature, along with a Deanston 12 year old it was added to the purchases.


Nose: I get a instant hit of maple syrup, followed by some rich fruit and green wood, I also get what I belive is some of the malted barley coming through.

Taste: Sweet honey note with oranges in the background, a good oak spice hit warm and full bodied, it also has a bit of bitter coffee note at the end.

Finish: a warm spice with a fresh woody aftertaste. It hangs round for a reasonable amount of time.

I seem to like every whisky I try and general don’t find anything bad to say and this seems to be the case again. It’s a nice whisky and I wouldn’t be turn down a drink of it, but I don’t think it has gripped me like the other whiskies I’ve tasted of late. It’s definitely not a bad whisky but it’s not one I would rush out to buy myself.
I’m glad I’ve tired it and as the WB15 scores it a 88 I feel a little harsh but I guess that’s what it’s all about. Our own personal experiences and taste.


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