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As I have talked about in a earlier post the number of bottles I have opened  and in various degrees of empty. With this is mind my latest purchases have been left on the shelf unopened with a lot of willpower needed on my behalf.

I have spent a bit of time talking to friends and family about whiskies in general over the past week or so. One of the main points that has been discussed is our collections, or more precise what we were aiming to get from them (other than a pretty collection).
As we talked I found that the main aim was to expand our experiences and knowledge, along with a bit of bragging rites etc.
It started to make me think about how to move forward with this , without wandering aimlessly from purchase to purchase. This was sorted solved for me buy a gift from my mother. In my collection of whiskies I’ve collect a few books, most are just general
Informative books but I have got the 101 Whiskies to try before you die by Ian Buxton. I enjoyed this guide and my gift was the revised edition. I flicked through to see what had changed and read the reason for him doing the revised version, the part that struck me was the last few paragraphs, about how he had seen how his book had impacted on people. With them now having blogs and websites dedicated to trying all 101 whiskies.
That gave me the idea of using this book to help me with my future purchases. I don’t intend to follow it religiously but more if I’m shopping and don’t have any idea what to get, then I can see what’s in the store that’s from this list that I’ve not tried yet. That will give me a list of 115 whiskies to look at from both books.


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    1. No my local didn’t have the offer on, the wife took pity on me and let me get it anyway. I’m just fighting with myself about if I should open it or not, I did see that Sainsburys has got Auchentoshan classic in at£26. It might be worth checking out if you can.

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  1. Hi Craig,
    I highly recommend Michael Jackson’s Malt Whisky Companion, 6th edition. It’s written by one of the definitive experts on whisky and gives excellent descriptions of over 100 malts. I’ve found it indispensable for finding great malts that I might not have otherwise have taken the tiem to seek out. The 6th edition is a little out of date (7th ed just came out a couple of months ago) but it is more complete with regards to ‘standard’ and ‘classic’ malts. If you can’t find it, the 7th edition has less scotch whisky but far more world whiskeys. I’ve used this reference for years and find no other book can compare.


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  2. I also have the Malt whisky companion, I must agree with you it has been a great asset when I have been looking for something I’ve not tried before. It’s a shame it’s just a little out of date, I was thinking of picking up the new edition having seen it in my local book store last week. Like yourself I still keep going back to this book as a reference and was hoping the new edition would be as useful.
    I have been wanting to expand my experiences with more whiskies from around the world so if it’s at the same standard as before then it could still be a great asset for me.


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