A Midwinter Night’s Dram 43% abv

I couldn’t resist I had to try this, I was looking forward to this after seeing it in an email from Glenmorangie.
So after hearing from fellow blogger Ben that he had seen it in his local supermarket, I went on the hunt and with a bit of sweet talking to the wife (well a lot of grovelling) I walked away with a bottle.

This has the usual elegant Glenmorangie shaped bottle, the whole package is elegant and classic in its design.


Nose: this has that classic Glenmorangie nose, oranges, with a hint of biscuit and some dried fruit, soft creamy toffee note.

Taste: lovely smooth sweet honey, spice (ginger/oak), dried fruit (raisins, orange peel), a hint of dark chocolate and coffee.

Finish: I love this finish it’s not to long but the spice is their all the way to the end, with that honeyed oranges. Smooth and very morish.

This is a great dram and one I would recommend, I can see this being a dram I’d turn to on those cold winters nights. A brisk walk with the dog on a cold night, returning to a good fire and a dram of this to warm you through.
This to me shows why Glenmorangie is one of the distilleries I would always recommend, Dr Bill just seems to constantly produce great whiskies.


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