To buy or not to buy

To buy or not to buy that is the question I keep asking myself.
Do I really want to buy a bottle of whisky that is probably going to go up in value. I know that sounds a daft question, but if I do it then leaves me with the dilemma of opening it or not.
It’s likely to be worth more in the future so it’s a good investment, but then what about enjoying that moment when you first nose it and take a sip. There goes the investment! You can see the dilemma this could cause. I’m not talking about your everyday expression but the limited editions, and those few ancient bottles that are as old as time, so to speak.
I suppose this all depends on if you really want to collect for investment or for the enjoyment.
I think of myself as the latter but I’m also getting to that point in my life were my future finances are becoming more important.
So as much as I want to collect just for enjoyment, the investment has to be a consideration. With that in mind, I know the easy answer is to buy two, but can that be a real consideration. I’m not sure if this can be a genuine solution, there is a lot of factors to take into account.
Cost has got to be a major factor, this hobby of ours is not cheap. I have been thinking of getting hold of the limited edition sherry finish of the One blend from the Lakes, it would cost me £80 to get two bottles. Compare that to the Odin from Highland Park, when it was released would have cost £260 for two bottles. It will now cost you somewhere around the £900 mark to get them.


Now I know one is a blend and one is a 16 year old Single malt but with that kind of increase in just 8 months, it has got to make you think twice before you open any bottle that is limited. Also you are not always going to be able get hold of two at the distillery release price ( I couldn’t even get hold of one bottle of Odin they sold that quick)
At some point you will also have to decide if you are willing to buy a limited or old bottle from a distillery that you don’t like, just because you know it will go up in price. It may seem like a silly thing to say, but I’ve seen brand loyalty/hate in action.
In my short time of collecting I’ve witnessed a recent trend in distilleries releasing limited edition expressions. Now as I said above I can see the investment potential with this, but as a collector for enjoyment I’m starting to feel it’s taking something away from the industry. With the amount of effort and pride put into making this golden spirit, surely those craftsmen want it to be enjoyed, not just sat in some storage space waiting for the right return on the initial investment.
With that in mind, is the collector for investment wrong, I would say no. With out them to store the limited editions of yesterday and today. How is the whisky drinker of tomorrow going to be able to enjoy these classic drams.
So here we are back with my dilemma, I suppose this is going to take a lot more pondering. Maybe I’ll return to this with another post after I get the views of some friends on the matter.


2 Replies to “To buy or not to buy”

  1. The other thing to consider is that with so many specials, limited editions and series being released they become less limited and with more people looking to invest the actual return on that investment may be lower.

    I’ve had a little look into this area and there is definitely money to be made but it costs money to make money and guessing what will be the next wanted dram is the key. There are books, websites and eBooks dedicated to this so its definitely worth having a good look.

    Good luck, I wish you well!

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