The grain trio verdict

That’s the trio of grains tasted and reviewed, giving me something more to think about.
As I said before my view on what was worthy of drinking when it came to whisky used to be narrow minded. So my recent foray into grain whiskies was another step forward in my search for more knowledge and understanding, giving me a whole new experience and a desire for exploration.
It’s also left me with a few questions, some are quite simple to answer some not so.
I’ll start with my conclusion on the trio I’ve just reviewed, first I must say that each one was a joy to try and I will enjoy finishing the bottles off.
I was also suprised at how different they were from each other and at the same time so familiar. Each one has many positive points and no negatives to me, though I could possible see how some people would have a couple of negatives. For instance some people would not like how long and big the spice is in the Mellow Corn, or that the Kilbeggan is very similar to some of the NAS malts I’ve tried (in my opinion ). Also that the Cameron Brig has a bit of a liquor feel to it rather than whiskey (be it blend or malt).
These may be seen as negatives for the grain whiskies but I myself feel they add to their charm.
My personal favourite is the Cameron Brig, this is down to its more oily mouth feel combined with the sweet honeyed floral taste making it more unique for me. Something that stands out from the crowd, I love the crisp freshness of the Kilbeggan and the huge spice from the Mellow Corn but the Cameron Brig just stands out that bit more for me.

imageThe winner for me
The winner for me

This leads me into the other questions I have, the easiest is should I look at other grain whiskies to try?
Yes is the simple answer, I think this experience has definitely made me want to explore grain whiskies further. I think my first stop when I do will be at an older bottling of Cameron Brig, I’m also wanting to find out about other grain distilleries that have bottles out there. Even if it’s been done by independents and little boutique companies, I’ve not found many distillery bottlings.
I also think that companies like Compass Box are on to something with releasing a blend made just from grain whiskies like Hedonism (one I must get), which leads me into the question I’m not sure how or where I can find an answer for. Why aren’t more of the big grain distilleries releasing their own bottlings? I feel that after looking at what’s available and seeing the amount of independent bottlings, surely there is a big enough demand for this product to make it a serious consideration for the distilleries.
After reading the article I mentioned before in whisky magazine about grain whiskies and with my own experiences trying these three, I have to ask, no I need to shout, at the distilleries “why haven’t you done this yet”. I can not be the only person that is looking for more unique experiences and feel that grain whiskies is one way of getting that.

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