Mellow Corn tasting

This is the last of the three grain whiskies I recently purchased, it’s the one I was most interesting in trying. The way it is presented as a more refined moonshine and one that critics say is a must try.
So with a little bit of apprehension I started my tasting, the bottle is simple in design but feels a bit cheap. I think this is down to the plastic bottle top, it makes it feel more like a milkshake syrup bottle compared to the other two with tradional tops (cork and metal screw).


Colour: deep gold

Nose: oranges, faint sweet vanilla hid behind the alcohol which at 50% abv is prominent, also has a earthy herbal note

Taste: the first thing I got was a big hit of spice, then I get a nice sweet caramel with fresh green apples. Little bit of a bitter note something like the pith from a orange.

Finish: is fairly long with that green apple and sweetness struggling to come through, after being dominated by the spice that goes on what feels like forever.

This is a whiskey that needs some time spent with it to be able to appreciate it’s charms. The high abv and big spice might put some people off, but it’s rough and ready character give it a real charm.
I know the big spice is not for everyone and it will probably be another marmite, with you either loving or hating it. I would recommend that every whisky lover try this at least once in there lives, it would be a shame to miss out on something with this much character. This is a whiskey that benefits from spending quality time with it giving you greater rewards.

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