Kilbeggan tasting notes

After trying the Cameron Brig I thought it was time for me to move on to the Kilbeggan, this is my second single grain whisky from the trio of grains I just purchased. After the pleasant surprise I had from the Cameron Brig I was looking forward to seeing how the lrish one would compare.

The bottle is nice sold and chunky with a traditional cork stopper, very clean in design and labeling.


Colour: soft gold (not weak enough to be straw but not strong enough to be gold)

Nose: crisp fresh earthy, soft herbal mint with a small hint of orange, hint of sweetness (honey/syrup) hid behind the herbal mint.

Taste: light honey hint, faint herbal mint note just like the nose, bit of citrus and chocolate coming through, followed by what I believe is the oak spice.

Finish: The finish is nice and clean not to short but not to long either, making it pleasent and a little morish.

The Kilbeggan is a completely different whiskey compared with the Cameron Brig, it reminds me more of a single malt. Very much like the Glen Moray classic very light and with that crisp green fruit feel/taste.

This makes two completely different types of grain whisk(e)y, I would highly recommend trying both and this has now made me even more curious about the Mellow Corn. I think I’ll reserve judgement on which one of the three is favourite until I’ve tried them all.


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