Cameron Brig tasting notes

I’ve tried a few single malts and blended whiskys now, but I’ve never tried a single grain whisky. So after reading an article in the Whisky Magazine I thought it was time to try some. Now I’ve bought three whisk(e)ys I’ve never tried, two single grain and a straight corn. Each from somewhere different, I’ve got single grain from Scotland (Cameron Brig) and Ireland (Kilbeggan 8yr old) and straight corn from the US (Mellow Corn).


So I thought I’d try the Cameron Brig first, I’ve had this whisky recommend to me before but just never really considered it.

So here goes, the bottle is simple with a screw top reminding me of a blended whisky.

Colour: rich gold

Nose: sweet almost like a liquor, hint of vanilla with a faint spice in the background. I would normal say it was oak but this time I’m not sure.

Taste: creamy toffee, faint hint of nut( maybe chestnut) and a mellow pepper note, Little oily mouthfeel.

Finish: smooth with a little pepper nip at the end, also has a little bit of that nut aftertaste.

I would highly recommend this whisky, every whisky lover should try a single grain at some point they won’t be disappointed.
This is definitely value for money, such a lovely mellow whisky that delivers on all fronts for me.

2 Replies to “Cameron Brig tasting notes”

  1. This sounds like a nice whisky, although this is yet another type to add to my list once I’ve toured the regions and their single malt scotch offerings 🙂

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