My journey begins.

Just over 12 months ago I was bought a gift subscription to Whisky Magazine, this set me on a journey of discovery that has been a pleasure to explore and an eye opener.
I have been raised in family that, being from Scotland, has always loved whisky be it blended or single malt, Scottish or Irish.
I have loved it myself from being old enough to ask for a drink, but have been very narrow minded in what I drank. It always had to be Scottish and was either Glenmorangie or Tomatin.
While I still love those two brands my journey of discovery within the whisky world has opened my eyes ( and nose) to the delights I’ve been missing.


So after being so close minded to what I would drink I’ve acquired a little collection.
This has been a very enjoyable thing to do and has opened me up to the vast array of choices that lay before me.
Some purchases have been of the most exquisite pleasure to drink and some have not. A few points I have learned over the past year is that price is not an indicator of quality and my tastes have changed dramatically.
This journey has now moved me to start this blog as a way for me capture those moments of enjoyment when you discover something special. I also feel that I should be able share those moments with you and in time look back to see how I’ve developed my tastes and nose.
So with out further ado let’s start exploring this wonderful world of the wee dram.

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